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CUPS Drug Testing & Occupational Health

  • CUPS Drug Testing & Occupational Health


CUPS is a locally owned clinic and collection site in Williston, ND.  The CUPS team has over 20 years experience in the Drug and Alcohol Testing and Occupational Health field.  All Drug collectors are DOT certified and operated on the Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 for all of our alcohol testing.  We are a member of DATIA and DISA certified collection site.  

Our services include: 

  • Drug Testing
    • Pre-Employment
    • Random
    • Post Accident
    • Return to Duty
    • Follow Up
    • Probation
    • Self-Testing
    • Reasonable Suspicion
    • Hair Testing
    • Oral Fluid Testing
    • Breath Alcohol Testing
    • DNA Collections 


  • Occupational Health
    • DOT Physical
    • Non DOT Physical
    • Mask Fit
    • Pulmonary Function Testing
    • Agility
    • Audio
    • And more!